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Crazy Alice in Wonderland!

Messes with your mind!

After our first convention, I’m left to dream about the future of Solid Board Gamers.  We had the unique opportunity to take part in ConBravo, taking up an 8 foot table covered in board games that con attendees could try out.

All the games available to play

All the games available to play

Neuroshima Hex! proved itself popular, seeing quite a bit of play, as well as King of Tokyo, Parade, Dominion, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Dixit Odyssey, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, Small World , Jungle Speed, Blokus, Settlers of Catan, Munchkin and Shadow Hunters.  All these games were opened up and taken for a spin.

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SBG Update #1

John here. Just wanted to post a quick update on the state of Solid Board Gamers..  I guess you could say, our Solid State…

We’ll be going to ConBravo, as you may have read in the previous post.  It’s essentially where all the comic book, video game, board game… internet….  fans will be on the weekend of July 26th to the 28th.  We’ve got the unique opportunity to go as a volunteer group, supplying board games, and running demos for people.  We won’t be selling any games there, but we’ll be showing off as many as we can!

I hope to see a few friends out there, and meet some new people.  I’ll be posting an update about it here, and hopefully I’ll get some video that I can post as well.

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Pandemic: 2nd Edition First Thoughts

Pandemic-triptych-wallpaper1280-1024 (1)

By: John Kay

I remember the first time I played Pandemic.  Upon opening the box, the game components impressed me a lot; very well made and nice looking. The game board is a big map, and I love maps; the artwork looked great; the cards felt nice.

When I opened up the 2nd Edition box I was initially disappointed.  I didn’t like the smaller clear cubes, or the smaller pawns.  I didn’t like the new artwork, though it looked good, I didn’t think it was as interesting as the old artwork.  The board looked so … blue…  and then I got over it.

Why is this game so compelling?  I’m going to post just a few thoughts.

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