SBG Update #1

John here. Just wanted to post a quick update on the state of Solid Board Gamers..  I guess you could say, our Solid State…

We’ll be going to ConBravo, as you may have read in the previous post.  It’s essentially where all the comic book, video game, board game… internet….  fans will be on the weekend of July 26th to the 28th.  We’ve got the unique opportunity to go as a volunteer group, supplying board games, and running demos for people.  We won’t be selling any games there, but we’ll be showing off as many as we can!

I hope to see a few friends out there, and meet some new people.  I’ll be posting an update about it here, and hopefully I’ll get some video that I can post as well.

I haven’t been to a convention like this for years.  Last time there was one I was even remotely interested in, I sent a friend with a couple of comic books to get them signed.  I don’t think they’re worth anything at all.

Ok, I digress.  Board Games:  We’ve received 12 copies of Pandemic: On the Brink for our online store.  It’s a fantastic expansion, and I would say a must have, if you own Pandemic.  It adds so much to the base game.  I’ll post a review on it later.

We’ve also got the Carcassonne: Big Box from Z-man games, it’s the 6th or 7th printing of the Big Box, so it’s got some new things in it.  I’m excited to open it up!

The game Go, which I’ve never played, but I’ve heard good things about it.  It’s an abstract strategy game, reminiscent of Chess or Checkers.

Blokus!  A favourite of time.  This 4 player game is another abstract one, with pieces that look like they’re out of Tetris, but a play style that’s pretty counter intuitive if you try to compare it to Tetris.

Catan: Explorers and Pirates has also arrived.  Again, haven’t had a chance to play it.  Fred, Nasir and myself will all be getting acquainted with these games in the next couple weeks.  Reviews will follow.

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About Solid Board Gamers

Solid Board Gamers (SBG) is a home based business in Mississauga, Ontario. We focus on running board game gatherings to introduce people to new games. The gatherings are free to attend. Follow us on Facebook to get details about the next event. Happy Gaming!

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