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Exhausted Daze

Starting a business as a part time endeavour has been quite the experience.  From becoming familiar with the Canadian tax system, to figuring out what kind of bank account we could use. From setting up an e-commerce store, to deciding on which games to buy for our inventory.  We’ve had quite a ride.  We’ve hosted least 4 unofficial small events, and 3 Official events (@ Fred’s, Nasir’s and John’s place (my place)).  We’ve been to ConBravo, and soon we’ll be at our first Restaurant, and then at the International Student Festival.  The strange thing is, all of these going ons have happened as result of semi-weekly meetings, and a lot of Kijiji advertising.

When I return home after a long day, and today was especially long, I start thinking about all the board game related things I need to do, and then I realize I have Kitties to feed, dishes to do, homework to catch up on, and a bed that looks so great, and that I will only get to spend a few hours with before waking up for work and school.

It seems like this is rarely any time for board games, but i was able to play some tonight.

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