Exhausted Daze

Starting a business as a part time endeavour has been quite the experience.  From becoming familiar with the Canadian tax system, to figuring out what kind of bank account we could use. From setting up an e-commerce store, to deciding on which games to buy for our inventory.  We’ve had quite a ride.  We’ve hosted least 4 unofficial small events, and 3 Official events (@ Fred’s, Nasir’s and John’s place (my place)).  We’ve been to ConBravo, and soon we’ll be at our first Restaurant, and then at the International Student Festival.  The strange thing is, all of these going ons have happened as result of semi-weekly meetings, and a lot of Kijiji advertising.

When I return home after a long day, and today was especially long, I start thinking about all the board game related things I need to do, and then I realize I have Kitties to feed, dishes to do, homework to catch up on, and a bed that looks so great, and that I will only get to spend a few hours with before waking up for work and school.

It seems like this is rarely any time for board games, but i was able to play some tonight.



and I also played a game of basketball, but that would be a “Court” game, so I won’t be reviewing that tonight.  I also am not very coordinated, and over-exert when I play sports…

Anomia is a game of word recall.  If you haven’t played this before, then it probably won’t look like anything too interesting, unless you really love word games.  It’s much more than a word game.  It’s a Common Knowledge game.  It’s amazing what the brain with come up with when under pressure.  In the game of Anomia that usually means absolutely nothing, or lots of uuuhhh’s and ba ba ba ba ,, ah ah ah ah… and other forms of stuttering.  The game is for mental jujitsu experts, that can coordinate their brains and their tongues to produce words that match a topic faster than your opponents can.

It’s a great party game, and plays with 3 to 6, although it can work with more than that.

You draw a card, and then look to see if there is a matching symbol on someone else’s card.  If there is, you must come up with a word that matches the topic on the opponents card before they come up with a word that matches your card.  Whomever finishes saying the word first is the winner, and takes the opponents card.

The game is fast, and furious.  Jungle speed for your tongue.  If you finish at the time you need to say another word.  Rock Opera?  I don’t know more than one Rock Opera…  Blues Musician?  Tennis Player?  These stump me, and I usually rely on other people’s answers.  If there are players having trouble with the cards, and not having as much run, I find dropping a few hints can help.

This has become one of my Go-to casual gathering games.  Definitely Solid.

Now, Blokus, on the other hand, does not involve any brain tongue coordination, or any speaking skills at all really, unless you are trying to talk your opponent out of a particular game piece placement, or you are playing to see who can place the most pieces with their tongue…

The game is a one where you must lay out all of your tiles, and try to block the opponent from laying out all of theirs.  Those left with the most/largest tiles/pieces at the end of the game are the losers.  The Winner being the one that played the most/largest tiles/pieces on the board.  The games pieces look like Tetris pieces, but the game play is more like Tetris from all directions, and you can only play off the corners of your own pieces.  The edges of same coloured pieces may never touch!

I played a game of it tonight with an intelligent opponent, who despite playing for the first time, managed to place all of one of his colours (in a two player game, both players place with 2 colours).  The game plays with 2 to 4 players, but you can also play with a few extras on teams.  This one I’ve found better in smaller game settings.  It’s got simple mechanics, and fairly quick game-play.  Another Solid game.

It’s great to be able to sit down and play a few games!

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