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Relocated Solid Board Gamers

Please go to Lvl Up Games for the same kind of Mississauga board game services (pick-up, local delivery, game event drop off, low prices)

My good friend Maui has taken over operations and ownership of Solid Board Gamers.


2016 – Changes and the Quiet Re-opening

Some of you may have noticed that Solid Board Gamers stored only closed for a couple months before quietly reopening.  We still answer phone calls, and yes we usually redirect board games requests to other stores in the area, but we aren’t gone.  We haven’t stopped ordering games for local (and not so local) customers.  We hasn’t removed our listing from Google.  The website will continue to have games added and removed (based on availability).  Several of us are still very active in the board gaming community and we plan to keep it that way.

There are changes coming in 2016.

We encourage our online followers to find time during your week to turn off your phones, tablets, laptops, etc, etc…  … do a digital disconnect and go participate in local board gaming events wherever you are (you may need to keep your devices on to help you find the event though)!  The Solid Board Gamers crew will attend and/or organize Mississauga Board Gamers Unite! events as often as possible.


Solid Board Gamers Store is Closing!

Hey Solid Board Gamers Friends and Fans,

It’s been a very busy time in the personal lives of the Solid Board Gamers partners and volunteers, so we’ll be rolling back our operations over the next few months.  We regret to inform you that we will be shutting down the online store.  As many of of our followers know, Solid Board Gamers is an unpaid part time side project for the partners and volunteers and the project is becoming bigger than we can handle on our own.

A Few Major points:

1. We’re planning a Spring Sale/Auction.  More details coming soon via Facebook and Twitter.

2. Our popular board game events will continue as usual.  You’ll find them in the Mississauga Board Gamers Unite! group on  And via the Studio 89 Calendar

3. There are going to be making immediate changes to our shipping fulfillment times (Please give us 2 weeks to fulfill)

4. The Web store is projected to close by May 2015.  There will be no restocks, and we’ll be selling off all our existing stock.

5. We will be taking lists for final orders for every existing customer during the month of March, and we’ll have those orders ship for the first week of April.  Please send your lists to

6. Existing pre-orders will be fulfilled.

7. Kickstarter Projects made by local game designers will still be supported and advertised on our website.  For example:  Grimslingers Kickstarter by Stephen Gibson (he’s from Ontario Canada, and even did some play-testing at our Studio 89 events!)

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please post a comment, or message us directly.

Thank you all for your support,

The Solid Board Gamer Team

SBG Team

Sheriff of Nottingham (Pre-order)

Sheriff of Nottingham

With the recent Shut Up & Sit Down review, as well as backing from Dice Tower and Tabletop, this Robin Hood remake from Arcane Wonders looks like a good pick!

You can pre-order (to reserve a copy) via the link below:
Sheriff of Nottingham

What is Solid Board Gamers about?

Over the past few days, weeks…  months, I’ve been thinking about Identity.  If I had a board game business, what would i want people to associate that company with?  I can tell you it wasn’t a big screen of orange, or a small selection of games and Kijiji ads.

To explain what Solid Board Gamers is really about, would mean I need to open up about my past; take a look into my board game history.

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