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2016 – Changes and the Quiet Re-opening

Some of you may have noticed that Solid Board Gamers stored only closed for a couple months before quietly reopening.  We still answer phone calls, and yes we usually redirect board games requests to other stores in the area, but we aren’t gone.  We haven’t stopped ordering games for local (and not so local) customers.  We hasn’t removed our listing from Google.  The website will continue to have games added and removed (based on availability).  Several of us are still very active in the board gaming community and we plan to keep it that way.

There are changes coming in 2016.

We encourage our online followers to find time during your week to turn off your phones, tablets, laptops, etc, etc…  … do a digital disconnect and go participate in local board gaming events wherever you are (you may need to keep your devices on to help you find the event though)!  The Solid Board Gamers crew will attend and/or organize Mississauga Board Gamers Unite! events as often as possible.



November 20th Restocks and New items! (King of New York, Castles of Mad King Ludwig)

The Holidays are coming up and we’re busy making sure our “shelves” are full of great games you can give as gifts!

A couple highlights that arrived this past week:

King of New York

King of New York Richard Garfield’s new standalone game based on the popular King of Tokyo.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Castles of Mad King Ludwig a new tile laying game from the company that brought you Suburbia and Ultimate Werewolf


Guardians Chronicles a superhero theme co-op adventure game.


Bandu also known as Bausack, it’s a crazy Jenga like game with irregularly shaped pieces and a couple other twists.

There will be plenty more great games arriving over the coming weeks and we’ll make sure we post the highlights.  We’ll be a bit more busy in the month of December, so order processing time may take a bit longer than usual.  Thank you in advance for your patience!

Other restocks and new stuff you can look up on our website:

Android Netrunner

Arcana Revised Edition

Last Banquet

Rune Age

Castle Panic


Villainy (going quickly)

Red Dragon Inn Brother Bastian


Catan: Traders and Barbarians

Concept (already sold out, but we’re re-ordering)


Gloom 2nd Edition

New Games and Restocks (Late October 2014)!

Board Games

Some notable arrivals!

Battle at Kemble’s Cascade
Black Fleet
Bang: Walking Dead
Camel Up
Dixit: Daydreams expansion
Dragon Slayer
Pandemic: The Cure
Lords of Xidit
Loot Letter (Munchkin)
Steam Park
Shinobi Wat-AAH!

7 Wonders
Battle Sheep
Carcassonne Traders and Builders
Coup Reformation
Saboteur 2

You can find them all at!

We’ll also be at the Richtree Natural Market at the Eatons Centre in downtown Toronto on Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th raising money for Sick Kids Hospital with Extra Life and the Geekz United team. The event is called Critical Heal, and you can check it out here.

There will be products for purchase there if you want to skip buying things online. Or you can purchase online, and pick-up in Toronto on the 25th!

Exhausted Daze

Starting a business as a part time endeavour has been quite the experience.  From becoming familiar with the Canadian tax system, to figuring out what kind of bank account we could use. From setting up an e-commerce store, to deciding on which games to buy for our inventory.  We’ve had quite a ride.  We’ve hosted least 4 unofficial small events, and 3 Official events (@ Fred’s, Nasir’s and John’s place (my place)).  We’ve been to ConBravo, and soon we’ll be at our first Restaurant, and then at the International Student Festival.  The strange thing is, all of these going ons have happened as result of semi-weekly meetings, and a lot of Kijiji advertising.

When I return home after a long day, and today was especially long, I start thinking about all the board game related things I need to do, and then I realize I have Kitties to feed, dishes to do, homework to catch up on, and a bed that looks so great, and that I will only get to spend a few hours with before waking up for work and school.

It seems like this is rarely any time for board games, but i was able to play some tonight.

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Crazy Alice in Wonderland!

Messes with your mind!

After our first convention, I’m left to dream about the future of Solid Board Gamers.  We had the unique opportunity to take part in ConBravo, taking up an 8 foot table covered in board games that con attendees could try out.

All the games available to play

All the games available to play

Neuroshima Hex! proved itself popular, seeing quite a bit of play, as well as King of Tokyo, Parade, Dominion, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Dixit Odyssey, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, Small World , Jungle Speed, Blokus, Settlers of Catan, Munchkin and Shadow Hunters.  All these games were opened up and taken for a spin.

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SBG Update #1

John here. Just wanted to post a quick update on the state of Solid Board Gamers..  I guess you could say, our Solid State…

We’ll be going to ConBravo, as you may have read in the previous post.  It’s essentially where all the comic book, video game, board game… internet….  fans will be on the weekend of July 26th to the 28th.  We’ve got the unique opportunity to go as a volunteer group, supplying board games, and running demos for people.  We won’t be selling any games there, but we’ll be showing off as many as we can!

I hope to see a few friends out there, and meet some new people.  I’ll be posting an update about it here, and hopefully I’ll get some video that I can post as well.

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Here’s our store

Here’s our store (new name, new ownership)

The original site, designed by our friends Tahmina and Nasir  is now archived away.  Maybe we’ll use it agan.  Maybe not.